What is health-targets.de?

gesundheitsziele.de / health-targets.de started as a joint pilot project of the German Federal Ministry of Health and the GVG (Association for Social Security Policy and Research) in December 2000.

Since 2007, health-targets.de* has been a forum of more than 120 member organisations aiming to advance the development of the national health target process. Among them are: the Federal Government, the Länder, municipal associations, statutory and private health insurance organisations, pension insurance organisations, health care providers, self-help and welfare organisations and research institutes.

The organisational structure of health-targets.de comprises the committee, the evaluation board and the working groups. The decision making body is the committee. It sets up working groups for specific tasks, adopts the work results and makes recommendations to the relevant stakeholders in health politics. The evaluation board develops concepts for the health targets and the overall process.

is funded by
  • Federal Ministry of Health (BMG),
  • Health Ministries of the Länder (GMK),
  • National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KBV),
  • National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Dentists (KZBV),
  • German Hospital Federation (DKG),
  • German Medical Association (BÄK),
  • Federal Chamber of Psychotherapists,
  • Association of Substitute Health Insurance Funds (vdek),
  • Association of Local Health Insurance Funds (AOK),
  • Guilds Health Insurance Funds (IKK),
  • Company Health Insurance Funds (BKK),
  • Association of Social Insurance in Agriculture (LSV),
  • Association of Private Health Insurance  (PKV),
  • German Statutory Pension Insurance Scheme (DRV Bund),
  • German Pension Insurance for Miners, Railway Workers and Seamen (DRV Knappschaft-Bahn-See),
  • Association for Social Security Policy and Research (GVG)