National Health Targets

Since 2000, the Association for the Further Development of the National Health Target Process,, has developed and published the following national health targets:
  • Diabetes mellitus Type 2: lower the risk of disease, diagnose and treat sufferers earlier (2003)
  • Breast cancer: lower mortality, improve quality of life (2003)
  • Reduce tobacco consumption (2003)
  • Grow up healthy: life competence, physical activity, nutrition; (2003; revision 2010)
  • Increase health competence, strengthen patient sovereignty (2003; revision 2011)
  • Depressive diseases: prevent, diagnose early, treat effectively (2005)
  • Healthy ageing (2012)
  • Reduce alcohol consumption (2015)

The health targets so far established at the federal level have been based on broad professional expertise and have been developed in a process of consensus. For each of the health targets goals, objectives and proposals for practical implementation have been developed. For three of the health targets evaluation concepts are currently available.

The health targets “Breast cancer. Lower mortality, improve quality of life” and “Reduce tobacco consumption” have recently been revised. The revision integrated new findings and set new priorities for the implementation.

Current Key Activities

In the period 2013 – 2015, besides the further development of new health targets the main focus will lie on the structural anchoring of as a permanent body and a comprehensive cooperation platform for the main stakeholders in long-term, to increase its effectiveness and efficiency.